If the right choices are made the printed product is truly sustainable
Environmental status: EMAS, ISO 14001, FSC

Technology: Komori HUV B2 litho press, B2 digital

Innovative: Green Team with representation from all departments progress environmental matters; sheeps' wool insulation to reduce heat loss...and heating bills and carbon emissions.

Severn – a fresh outlook on the field of printing and marketing.

We'll we go way beyond what a normal printer offers. We do still print as much as ever, litho, digital and ink-jet but our difference is that we don’t want you to waste anything.

The most critical part of the conversation is the environmental impact. We will offer ways to make sure the weight of paper, the quantity produced, the size and number of pages does the job it is meant to but uses no more resources than it needs to. Our latest HUV press and oversize digital press opens up new ways of printing just what you need not what suits the printer.

We will discuss personalised printing to get the message across directly, on mailings we will offer ways to check that the number of letters being sent does not include duplicates. We do this at the start so you can reduce the number printed, mailed and posted. And with postage running at no less than 30p each it has the potential to save not just money but also the extra paper used, printing and hauling those items around in the postie’s van.

In our Display Print part of the business we are fussy, we discourage the use of PVC, offer to take back old display print items / mechanisms and reuse or recycle them. And come up with cardboard to replace plastic where we can.

How can you check up on what we claim? We are EMAS registered so we have to report publicly on our progress take a look here.

With over 35 years in business and 53 of the most incredible print professionals in the UK, we know what we do and are ready to talk now.

Employee Involvement: Severn’s Green Team

Severn is fully aware of the importance of staff involvement and communication in the success of environmental initiatives. With representatives from all departments, our Green Team meets on a quarterly basis with responsibility for all environmental matters and associated internal communication:

Ideas – many of our environmental initiatives are small and innovative…but small actions add up. The Green Team is the source of our annual targets and objectives…

Feasibility - very few ideas can be immediately introduced. The Green Team also researches and tests. Environmental and cost benefits are evaluated…

Presentation to directors and implementation – once deemed feasible, the Green Team makes a case to the directors for the required investment…

Internal communication – suggestion boxes placed throughout the company are a source of ideas for Green Team consideration. The Green Team communicates with all staff on environmental projects and company performance.