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Environmental status:ISO 14001, FSC

Technology: Heidelberg's Anicolour inking system

At Geoff Neal we are proud to have been setting the standard for brilliant print since 1976.
We fight for the inches that make the difference – the details that make a good job a great one, the fine line between good service and a great experience. In our world, we know the winning margin is often very small, so we make sure that every detail counts. Every single time.

We have invested £15m in technology and infrastructure for one reason only: to serve our clients better. The growth of our business is driven by experience, innovation and a dedication to our clients and the challenges they face.
Our business has grown to offer Design, Print and Consult: three interconnected specialisms that cover the entire print journey, enabling us to provide a seamless service and beautifully crafted results.

The combination of old-fashioned family values, state of the art technology, hard-earned experience, expert knowledge and a passion for our clients is what we bring to every job. Combined with state of the art technology and cutting edge innovation we have created, what we think, is a unique proposition – an organisation big enough to take on the challenge, but small enough to care about the result.
With four decades of keeping our clients’ promises you know that your work is in safe hands. You can expect us to work the way that suits you best and you can always rely on us to act with honesty and integrity. We will go the extra mile to make sure quality, service and delivery is never compromised.

Print is in our blood — it’s what we love and what we do.

Geoff Neal Group and Heidelberg's Anicolour inking system

The Anicolor inking unit is a short, zoneless inking unit with a dampening system that, in short, allows small fornat litho presses to comppete with digital. An extremely easy operation without tedious ink adjustments allows very quick and even inking. As a consequence, waste is reduced by up to 90 percent compared with machines with conventional inking units. Anicolor considerably lowers the costs for short runs and ensures top offset quality at competitive prices.

Up to 90 percent less waste, Up to 50 percent shorter makeready times, Up to 50 percent higher productivity, Straightforward operation thanks to zoneless inking unit, Perfect for standardized print jobs, UV application for non-absorbing stocks,Complete integration into the Prinect Workflow.